Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brewing with the Guild

We had our third official guild brew party on the 28th.  Nick H. and I got a little experimental with an India Cream Ale.  Nick K. chose a Scotch Ale recipe and Aaron decided to do a Hefeweizen.  By the end of the day we had eight or nine brewers hanging out, drinking beer, and snacking on some homemade hummus.

Nick K.  - Maybe mashing in or possibly sparging...
Couple of boiling brew kettles and Nick H. trying to prevent a boil-over.

Must be near the end of our boil as my ghetto
wort chiller is in the pot.

I had fully intended to photodocument the entire event, but my camera battery was dead and I got sick of asking to take pictures with Nick K's phone. (His has a better camera than mine) I also forgot to get everyone's recipes to post... so pretty sparse post from what I had planned, but I wanted to get something up.