Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beer #4 Oatmeal Stout

Brewed my first partial grain on Saturday, the 27th. I picked an oatmeal stout recipe from my brew book and slightly tweaked to meet the grain bill that I had on hand. This was my fist foray into true sparging and while I may have been fairly inefficient I had a blast brewing this batch. I missed my OG by quite a bit, but I am still hopeful for a rich, full-flavored beer. I'll be leaving this one in the primary for two weeks, and then switching to secondary if I don't like my gravity reading. I learned a ton while brewing this batch and feel that the time has come to try my hand at an all-grain. I'll be finishing my mash tun tomorrow, and if everything goes well I'll be brewing an all grain sometime next week.

Update: Beer #3. All visible signs of fermentation seem to have stopped. I will be taking a gravity reading this weekend. That reading will determine wether or not I bottle. Of course with all of the family stuff going on this weekend I may not have time.


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